Michele Baksa

Sales Representative

Throughout my past 25 years as a practicing Dental Hygienist, I have picked up many acquired skills; passion to work, attention to detail, and leaving my clients with a smile. As time passed I realized I wanted a new challenge in my life, something I could remain passionate about and still leave my clients smiling. The decision wasn't easy, I loved what I did but I also loved Real Estate, Interior Design and Staging. To me these industries are very similar, they both involve listening to people, figuring out what their needs and wants are and then helping them achieve their goals. My philosophy in life is to truly give personalized service to every potential client I come across, that includes you too! The service and dedication does not stop after the deal is done, you can look forward to a lasting relationship well after the sales process is complete. Personally, I am an avid mover, I am comfortable where I am but I am always seeking a change. Moving so frequently has opened my eyes to the Real Estate industry, and allowed me to grow a new passion for an every changing industry. Our journey begins together, a journey that does not end at the sign of a deal, to me that is merely the beginning.

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Email: michele@baksahomes.com
Office: 416-363-3473
Direct: 416-948-8732

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