Faye Jiang

Real Estate Sales Representative

The unique thing about Faye Jiang is that Sales runs in her veins. Being a Top Performer in one of the leading International Hotel Chains for 6 years, Faye has closed multi-million deals and is known for driving a hard bargain with strategies. Her forward-thinking and eyes for details have made her an outstanding Sales Professional.

Faye Jiang speaks native Mandarin and fluent English, works very well with customers from multi-cultural background. She is agilely adaptive to your needs, focuses and styles. Faye is the one who makes things happen for you. If you'd like to have a profit-driven, hassle-free, one-of-a-kind buying or selling experience, start the chat with Faye today.

Faye Jiang has been living and working in both Asia and North America, currently resides in Toronto. She enjoys life the most when she travels, follows her passion and shares stories of adventures.

Contact information

Email: Realty@FayeJ.com
Office: 416-363-3473
Direct: 416-858-3697

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