Mahrokh Ahankhah

Real Estate Sales Representative

What a smart buyer or seller should ask is: " What Does Mahrokh Ahankhah offers her clients that is not possible for other agents to match!?"

Real estate market is not a small transaction . Smart market of today calls for getting the best of the best in your side ! You cannot afford anything less!
Imagine if you are a buyer and every single house you go to see , you have an experienced Architect and an interior designer accompanying you without extra cost to you ! Wouldn't this be a superb way of shopping for your Dream house or your investment property!?

Imagine if you are planning to sell and you have an Architect at your disposal listing the advantage of your property and its potentials , offers the buyers on your behalf floor plans and drawings and whatever is needed to represent your property and its full potential. Moreover, you have a very skill full experienced interior designer with access to world class Art works and sculptures to stage your house to be so breath taking that no one could just say, just another house! Statistically the staged houses go so much faster and easier !!!

Well, Mahrokh in addition of being a knowledgeable realtor, She is an Architect and experienced interior Designer. She has extensive experience that is vital when comes to helping you buy your dream house or sell the one you have to its full market potential!

Statistically, the most successful buyers and sellers are the ones that have access to most expert advises in the market and could make educated guesses and informed decisions.

On Top of these skills, having someone caring like her with such an extensive connection of trustworthy people from mortgage brokers and financial advisors to trades people and contractors in your side the burden and stress of such transactions changes to excitement and fun of a winning moves.

These are not hollow promises, these are facts and skills at your disposal!

Contact information

Office: 416-363-3473
Direct: 416-841-9008